Twin Flame Psychic

  Specializing in Twin Flame & Soul Mate Connections

Twin Flame & Soul Mate Healing

Remote Twin Flame healing sessions can heal and balance your Twin flame connection. Twin flame healing sessions can release blockages and negative energy from your twin flame connection to promote your emotional, physical and Spiritual connection. Twin Flame Healing can be done for a Twin flame that has run away or separated because of fear, negative influences, Spiritual interferences, karmic blockages and etc.

Negative energy or energetic blockages can keep Twin flames from reuniting and prevent Twin flames from establishing a solid committed relationship.

Remote Healing Sessions are also Available for Soul Mates and Other Soul connections as well. Choose from one of the following session and contact Katherine today to schedule your Distant Energy healing. 

Distant Energy Healing


Soul Healing & Spiritual Cleansing

Intensive Spiritual Cleansing's are much deeper and thorough than the regular remote healing sessions and are custom designed for your unique energy system and specific Spiritual issues. Spiritual cleansings can be done to:

  • Cleanse Your Aura
  • Clear Negative entities
  • Resolve Past Life Issues
  • Thoroughly Cleanse Your Energy
  • Break Severe Negative Patterns
  • Clear Deep Spiritual Interferences
  • Clear Old Karmic Energy
  • And etc. 

You can contact Katherine for more information about Intensive Spiritual cleansing. Prices may vary depending on the type of Spiritual cleansing.