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Twin Flame & Soul Mate

Psychic Email Readings

Accurate, Detailed & Insightful

Clairvoyant Readings by email

Psychic Katherine is an elite clairvoyant and twin flame & soul mate specialist. Psychic Katherine has been offering professional email readings for over 15 years. Giving readings online has given Psychic Katherine the opportunity to share her gift with thousands of satisfied clients, world wide. Psychic Katherine provides accurate insights and the most helpful and insightful advice by email. Katherine can answer your most confusing questions about your twin flame, soul mates, karmic soul connections, past life soul connections, love and relationships.

Your most confusing questions about your

twin flame or soul mate can be answered

  • Is he/she my twin flame or is this a different soul connection?

  • Will my twin flame come back to me?

  • What is he/she thinking and feeling?

  • Are there any blockages keeping us apart?

  • How strong is our connection Spiritual, physically and/or emotionally?

  • Will I meet my twin flame in this life?

  • Is he/she a false twin flame?

Katherine is simply amazing! I am grateful I found her. She helped make sense out of my relationship and spiritual path with my twin flame. Thank you Katherine for helping me come out of such a difficult time in my life.

Natasha - New York, NY

Book Your Email Reading Today

Psychic Email Reading

(Mini Reading) Only $22.22 USD

Receive insight and advice with this mini psychic reading. This is an insightful way to answer your question about your twin flame, soul mate or other type of soul connection.

Psychic Email Reading

( Up to 3 questions ) $44.44 (USD)

Insightful, In Depth and detailed. You can ask up to 3 questions about your twin flame, soul mate, karmic connection, a particular relationship or a different type of soul connection.

Psychic Email Reading

( Up To 7 Questions ) $74.44

This detailed and insightful reading can answer up to 7 in depth questions about your twin flame, soul mate, karmic soul connection, a particular relationship or a different type of soul connection. This reading can also answer deeper questions you have about your twin flame, soul connection, past life connections, spiritual awakening, karmic cords, blockages that need clearing and deeper spiritual insights and guidance.

To Recieve Your Email Reading

Email Psychic Katherine at with your name, date of birth and question/s. Also include the name as it appears on your payment. If you have a question about a particular person or relationship, please include their name and date of birth as well. Email readings are sent within 24-48 hours.

Some readings maybe delayed due to high volume orders. Sometimes email readings are not received due to emails being blocked from your email provider/server. Try checking your spam/junk folder if you do not see your email reading. 

Private & Strictly Confidential

Psychic Katherine has a strict privacy policy to protect your privacy. None of the information you share with Katherine during your email session will be shared with anyone else. Any information you provide for your reading will be kept strictly private and confidential. All readings are private and strictly confidential.


Any sessions or services purchased from Katherine cannot be a substitute for medical treatment provided by your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or other medical health professional. No guarantees of any kind are given. Katherine cannot be held responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and/or advice discussed. By purchasing a psychic reading or any other Spiritual or psychic service, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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