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Accurate Twin Flame & Soul Mate

Psychic Readings By Katherine

Psychic Katherine

Twin Flame & Soul Mate Specialist

Clairvoyant | Empath | Energy Healer

Psychic Katherine is an elite international clairvoyant and energy healing practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Katherine has connected with those from all over the world, enlightening those who need insight and helping those who are in need of deep healing.

Katherine is a trusted ethical adviser. Katherine is honest, compassionate and understanding. Katherine can understand what you are going through, not just on an emotional level but also on a deep spiritual level as well.

Katherine understands the heartache, confusion and the difficult challenges that twin flames often go through. She knows just how painful a twin flame separation are and just how difficult it is to be stuck in a twin flame runner/chase phase. Katherine also specializes in soul mates and the many challenges that soul mates often go through.

Katherine has helped many twin flame comes together in a loving union. She has helped many by identifying false twin flames and helping them move on from the toxic connection. She has helped many cut karmic cords and release unhealthy patterns that block twin flame connections. Katherine has worked with many soul mates, helping many come together with their soul mates and life partners.

Katherine has been gifted since she was just a child, being able to sense/feel the energies of others, knowing the thoughts and emotions of those around her and who she connects with on an energetic level and being able to communicate with spirit guides. Katherine learned how to utilize her spiritual gifts at a very young age. As her spiritual gifts began to deepen, she began to connect with her twin flame vibrations, experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, she's been working with her twin flame on a spiritual level ever since. Katherine has made union with her twin flame and has met with her twin flame in many past lives, which is very rare. It's been a part of their soul purpose to help others reunite and spread positive and healing vibrations. Which is why they have reincarnated time and time again, coming together to fulfill this purpose. Katherine has also shared many loving soul mate relationships. Katherine also knows the heartache of sharing unhealthy/toxic soul connections, through her past life experiences, Katherine has met with false twin flames and toxic soul connections, to learn life lessons and to understand a deeper knowledge. It's been a journey filled with deep spiritual truths, awakening, growth and infinite love. Psychic Katherine doesn't take full credit, her gifts and knowledge comes from Spirit and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share her gift with you. 

Experience, Qualifications & Spiritual Abilities

  • Spiritual Psychic

  • Energy Healing Practitioner

  • Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairempathy

  • Spiritual Guide Communication

  • Energy Healing / Clearing / Cleansing

  • Chakra Balancing / Chakra Healing

  • Spiritual Meditation / Visualiztion

  • Crystal Healing

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