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Twin Flame Healing

Remote Energy Healing

Psychic Katherine is also an advanced energy healing practitioner, specializing in twin flame and soul mate healing, with over 15 years of experience. Katherine is a certified energy healer and is also spiritually gifted in energy healing, being able to tune into healing energies since she was just a child. Katherine has attained greater knowledge and advanced spiritual healing abilities through her profound spiritual healing journey.

I couldn't have gone through my healing journey alone, thank you Katherine for your healing and support. I've been able to let go of deep blockages I've been struggling with for years.

Ilana - Sydney, Australia

Twin Flame Healing

Have you been struggling with your twin flame relationship? Does your twin flame continuously run as soon as the two of you grow closer? or have you and your twin flame been separated for a while? You may need deeper assistance and support through twin flame healing. Remote twin flame healing sessions with Katherine can help you release twin flame blockages, balance your twin flame connection and masculine and feminine energies, help you heal from deep emotional wounds or spiritual blocks that maybe interfering with your twin flame relationship. 

Spiritual and emotional can also prevent you from reuniting with your twin flame. You may have awakened and can feel and sense your twin flame, you may sense the twin flame reunion approaching but their could be blockages that are keeping you and your twin flame from meeting. Katherine can also help you release blockages that prevent your twin flame meeting

Soul Mate Healing

Psychic Katherine also specializes in soul mate healing. Soul mates are significant soul connections and can become faithful and loving life partners. You can experience many relationship difficulties with your soul mate if their are emotional and spiritual blockages that need to be cleared. These blockages can come from unhealthy past relationships, past life experiences, past disappointments that haven't been healed and etc. Psychic Katherine can help you release the blockages and negative energies that can weaken and block your soul mate connection which can prevent you and your soul mate from sharing a healthy and stable relationship together. 

Karmic Soul Connections & False Twin Flame Healing

You may need deep healing from a toxic karmic connection or a false twin flame. Karmic connections can be loving and enlightening but they can also become extremely toxic and can drain your energy. Karmic soul mates are soul mates we have met before in past lives that we share unresolved karmic, they come into our lives to resolve these issues on an emotional and spiritual level, but this can become extremely painful and confusing, you may also feel extremely attached to a karmic soul connection, unable to let go of it's toxic energies. False twin flames are very similar, they are toxic soul connections that can be confused for a twin flame because of the intensity of the connection, these relationships can become extremely unhealthy and toxic. Katherine can help you cut karmic cords, release toxic energies and karmic or toxic blockages that come from karmic soul connections or from a false twin flame. Katherine can help you break the negative patterns that can come from these types of relationship. These soul connections can be extremely painful to let go of and Katherine can help you release the unhealthy soul attachment and the pain and negativity that comes from it through a remote healing session. 

How Does Remote/Distant Healing Work?

When it comes to energy, time and space make no difference. We are all interconnected by energy. When it comes to energy healing, time and space make no difference. A remote healing session is just as effective as a session done in person. During a remote healing session, Katherine will tune into your energy on an advanced spiritual level, locate and identify the blockages within your energy that you are working to clear and direct powerful healing vibrations to release them.

Simply choose a session below and contact Katherine at to schedule your remote healing session. You won't be in contact with Katherine during the session as it is done remotely, all you need to do during your healing is simply relax while Katherine tunes in and makes a connection with your energy and spirit guides during your session.

Each healing session comes with a meditation sent to you by email that you can do during your healing, this is optional.

You will receive a healing report by email after your healing session. All healing sessions come with a follow up chat which you can schedule after your healing session.

Any insights that may come up or any messages from your spirit guides will also be included within your healing report.

During your healing session, you may feel very calm, peaceful or experience gentle healing sensations. Some also experience vivid dreams the night of their healing session. Some feel a deeper connection to spirit or the universe during the healing.

Book Your Healing Session

Their are different healing sessions to choose from, Consult with Katherine first for a reading before choosing a healing session, Psychic Katherine will suggest what type of healing is needed. Each healing comes in different duration, the longer the session, the more intensive/thorough and the more blocks/negative energies that can be cleared within your session.

After purchasing your session, click on the Schedule button below to schedule your healing session.

Twin Flame Healing

  • Release Twin Flame Blockages

  • Balance Your Twin Flame Vibrations

  • Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Align Your Energy & Raise Your Vibrations

  • Release Inner Fears That Weaken Your Connection

  • Release Emotional And Spiritual Blocks

Each healing session includes a healing report which will be sent to you by email and a 15 minute follow up live chat session.

Soul Mate Healing

  • Clear Soul Mate Blockages

  • Balance Your Soul Mate Connection

  • Release Emotional & Spiritual Blockages

  • Release Any Pain/Sadness From Your Soul Connection

Each healing session includes a healing report which will be sent to you by email and a 15 minute follow up live chat session. 

Karmic Healing | False Twin Flame Healing | Cord Cutting

  • Heal From A Toxic Karmic Connection

  • Release Past Life & Karmic Blockages

  • Healing From A False Twin Flame

  • Cut Toxic Karmic Cords

  • Balance And Heighten Your Energy

Each healing session includes a healing report which will be sent to you by email and a 15 minute follow up live chat session. 

Soul Healing & Spiritual Clearing

  • Intensive Soul Healing

  • Clears Deep/Severe Blockages

  • Heals deep soul Wounds

  • Healing Traumatic Past Life Experiences

  • Cut Severe Karmic & Toxic Cords

  • Clear Spiritual Interference's including negative entities, severe past life blockages and to break severe karmic patterns.

Each session includes a detailed and extensive healing report, sent by email and a 25 minute follow up live chat session.

Healing Packages

Healing Packages that includes a series of healing sessions

for on going healing and chat support.

Twin Flame & Soulmate

Healing Package

4 (90 Minute) Healing Sessions

$575 (Saves Over $345 )

7 (90 Minute) Healing Sessions

$975 (Saves $635)

12 (90 Minute) Healing Sessions

$1,444 (Saves Over $1,300)

Each Healing Package includes any 90 minute healing sessions of your choice. Each healing comes with a follow up chat.

Choose Package


Any sessions or services purchased from Katherine cannot be a substitute for medical treatment provided by your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist or other medical health professional. No guarantees of any kind are given. Katherine cannot be held responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and/or advice discussed. By purchasing a psychic reading or any other Spiritual or psychic service, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

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